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Central Florida Bamboo Nursery 


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Plants On Site


  • Alphonse Karr bamboo

  • Asian Lemon bamboo

  • Bonnie bamboo

  • Chinese Dwarf bamboo

  • Dwarf Buddha Belly bamboo

  • Emerald bamboo

  • Fernleaf bamboo

  • Golden Goddess bamboo

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Plants On Site


  • Graceful bamboo

  • Kimmei bamboo

  • RG Dwarf bamboo

  • Seabreeze/Mailing bamboo

  • Timor Black bamboo

  • Tropical Blue bamboo

  • Vietnamese Hedge bamboo

  • Ice Cream Blue Java banana 

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We specialize in non-invasive "clumping" bamboo which is one of the fastest and best choices for living screens and privacy fencing.

On site, we carry 15 of the most popular bamboo varieties that will thrive throughout our Central Florida climate.

We are conveniently located in Saint Cloud, Florida.

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"I just want to recommend Oasis Bamboo. This company is very knowledgeable. They know their stuff. I didn't even know what I wanted. They took the time to tell me about each variety of bamboo and what it would look like at maturity. Thanks for the great service!"

Pamela Am.

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